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My Name is Ilona

IloBeauty Salon was born from my passion to all things beauty related. 

On the very begging of my career II started as a beauty therapist. Very quickly though  I fell in love in nails, all the creative things you can do, and all the different techniques there are to create beautiful and long lasting nails. 

Soon I realized that its not as easy at it looks, but nearly 20 years of experience, determination and hard work took me to the position where I can confidently say I'm am a PRO.

I love to share my knowledge with others and that's why I started my journey as a Nail Educator teaching for amazing INK London brand.

So if you want to succeed in you career and learn more, let it be gel or acrylic, please do not hesitate to contact me! I`m here to help!

In my everyday work I use hard gel and acrylic to create lovely and long lasting enhancements.

Nails are my passion that's why I educate myself all the time, learning new techniques and art.

I love creating new design and make my clients happy.

Beauty is another passion of mine. Really different to nails, but requiring a lot of knowledge to be able to help different skin conditions for different clients. 

For a long time I was searching for a brand I will be happy to work with and to offer my clients with confidents.

This is when I discovered Dermalogica. With their world class products (professional and retail) and there fabulous education center which lets me learn new technique, product knowledge and treatments all the time I feel confident that I can provide the best possible service for my lovely clients. 

Opening Times
Tuesday- Saturday
9:00am - 19:00pm
Sunday- Monday
10:00am - 17:00pm

Contact Details:

Tel: 07592607769



28 Greenwood Road 

Mitcham, Surrey (South London)


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